A Break In The Cloud

Photography is all about capturing light, manipulating and controlling to render an image in a way you see it in your minds eye. Being able to play with light to create or in fact obscure realities which do not exist is an aspect of photography that has always fascinated me.

As a photographer in a studio I can heavily control the way the light plays on a subject by altering the setup of the lights, the modifiers and the position of my model. This is a luxury you rarely ever have the pleasure of experiencing in landscape photography. For large vistas you are constrained very much to a single light source, you cannot move the source but you can alter its effect by choosing the time of day the subject is shot.

The two times landscapes are commonly shot are sunrise and sunset, these times of the day create long shadow, saturated colours and very pleasing warming effects. In the morning, a different crispness can be gained in summer as the temperatures have dropped overnight. However that said, my photography experiences have all taken place after sunrise. I was a walker long before my photography became a serious interest. As such I learned my photography in, what others consistently label, the worst times. Midday, harsh light, the zenith of the day. Strong casts between shadow and highlight. However, this of course assumes you have all the sun you could want, which of course I know is not realistic in the UK. In fact luckily for me, cloud is a big feature in the UK. This makes my life a little easier, while also adding drama to the images I can capture.

I enjoy shooting at all times of the day, it would be naive to say all light is equally useful, but in the same way I would also be crazy not to capture the image in front of me if I felt the light wasn’t quite right. I can, after all, use it as a recon shot for when I want to return. Plus, I am sure if we all decided to shoot our images at the same time we would have very similar looking images.

Purpose Of this Project

The purpose of this project is to showcase the images in my collection which show something special with regards to the light on the hills and mountains. Something that makes them stand out and light up. My idea was to bring all these images together in one area to display the way light can manipulate the viewer and draw the eye across a scene. Almost giving a three dimensional feel to a two dimensional image.

Sometimes a bad day can change to a good day, with a small break in the cloud.